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Production Technology

We provide the quality our customers expect by employing modern technologies and efficient process management.


Wave soldering

Our SEHO soldering lines guarantee high-quality wave soldering of RoHS compliant electronics in a nitrogen atmosphere. High-quality soldering is achieved through IPC-A-610 Class 3 standard.

Depending on customer requests we also provide the option of soldering with lead-containing paste.



AOI - Automatic Optical Inspection

Our AOI VISCOM machines are able to perform automatic optical inspection of quality on complex electronic circuitry using the latest algorithms and methods.

PVA coating machine

Using the PVA coating machine we are able to apply various types of coating as protection against humidity and atmospheric effects. We can apply protective coating selectively or over the entire surface of electronic circuits.
lakiranje PVA

Loading of SMD elements

We load SMD elements onto printed circuit boards on glue or soldering paste using loading lines by SIEMENS, PANASONIC and UNIVERSAL.

The SMD elements loaded onto the soldering paste are solded using hot air re-flow in a nitrogen atmosphere.

The SMD elements placed onto the glue are affixed to printed circuit boards via the glue-hardening process in a furnace.

By customer requests we will also perform soldering by hot air re-flow using lead-containing paste.



Encapsulation of electronic components using a two-component polyurethane compound


As a part of our manufacturing process, we perform encapsulation of electronic components with two-component polyurethane compounds (WEVO and RAMPF), especially in electronic regulators for electric tools to protect them against the effects of vibration and atmosphere.