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Basic information

ELRAD International d.o.o. was founded in 1996, its main activity being the development and production of electronic devices.

The company employs a little over 300 workers. In 2014 we attained sales in the amount of 48,4 million €. Our exports to the EU markets represent 81% of the sales. Through its operations, our company established business relations with partners in Slovenia and abroad.

For our customers we develop and manufacture electronic assemblies for end-products encompassing kitchen appliances, electric tools, household appliances, automotive industry and other product groups. Our customers are companies of international renown.

ELRAD International has also been successful in expanding its operations abroad.
Two daughter companies operate within the mother company framework:

  • ELRAD Serbia d.o.o. (founded leta 2004)
  • ELRAD Electronics (Dong Guan) Co., Ltd. (founded in 2007)

Together with our development partners - SL Elektronik Mechanik GmbH and HFB Elektronik GmbH - we develop and manufacture electronics in accordance with the expectations and demands of our customers.

The company's closest cooperation is with its external representative office R. Faude Consulting GmbH in Germany, especially in the fields of consulting and customer technical support.


Company Name:

ELRAD International d.o.o.


Development and production of electronic devices

Type of Company:






Turnover in 2014:

48,4 Mio. EUR

Export %:

81 %

Investment 2014:

1,1 Mio. EUR

ISO 9001:

since 1998

ISO 14001:

since 2004

OHSAS 18001:

since 2010

IQNet SR10:

Planed for 2015

Employees 2018:

554 total

293 productive

56 productive (administration)

205 administration


6.000 m2 total

2.600 m2 production

1.800 m2 administration

1.600 m2 warehouse and other